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Vision and Statement

25 Aug 2019

Mission Statement

“Ava Novin Investment Corporation is an active set of investments, in line with the goals and approaches of Kosar Economic Organization to meet all financial needs and investments in the value chain of financial services by utilizing synergy and interoperability of knowledge and capabilities. All investments and assets and effective presence in the country’s most profitable areas, as well as benefiting from knowledge, technology and human resource development, reveals a set that is capable of maximizing the interests of the company’s shareholders through the creation of Sustainable and quality profits by completing the value chain of the Investment Company – Serum Supply Company EYE portfolio management and application of the latest modern financial and investment gains, participation in capital formation and productivity in the economic cycle of the country and diversified investment with the highest rate of return and the least risk relevant to its business. ”


Relying on the power of divine wisdom in the light of the faith and determination and collective effort of the executives, along the path to the realization of the constitutional ideals and principles as well as the rules of the Stock Exchange, the prospectus of Ava Novin Investment Company is a chain. The financial services provider will be a value-creating entity, a development symbol, and a profitable company of over $ 1,000 billion.