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message from head manger

19 Aug 2019

message from head manger

By the name and remembrance of God Almighty and with all the best regards

As esteemed shareholders are aware of the factors affecting the world economy, the country and the capital market in the past fiscal year, the relative decline in the prices of some commodities, including tin, lead and aluminum, as well as the relative decline in oil and petroleum prices on the one hand, and the relative increase in the exchange rate And the rate of sale of commodities in the Iranian commodity exchange and the stability of interest rates on bank deposits as a competing market for the capital market, on the other hand, made the capital market more efficient than other markets.

Following up on active trading strategy and focusing on risk management of the company, focusing on a significant portion of the Company’s liquidity on the underlying stocks, increased speed and accuracy in financial reporting and achieving 24% returns were among the achievements of the Board of Directors and its employees for the shareholders. Follow up the process of registering the company as a financial corporation “Investment Company” and registering on 10/17/1997 and preparing a justification for raising capital from 100 million rials to 600 billion rials and obtaining the approval of the respected auditor and Obtaining relevant licenses from the Securities and Exchange Organization, tracking the company name and financial year, and obtaining relevant licenses from relevant authorities, have been among the most important actions of the board of directors in the financial year under review.

Ava Novin Investment Company, with the support of a major shareholder and relying on the knowledge and experience of a specialist staff at the management and expert levels, has launched a never-ending effort to advance within the Kosar economic organization strategic plan, including: Assessment and management of investments, development of investments and activities in profitable industries, increasing liquidity of the portfolio of the company and leading the portfolio improvement plan and finally analyzing the financial and operational status of the capital companies. The board of directors believes that all the successes have been achieved through the support of a strong shareholder. Good interaction and the use of comments and constructive feedback from esteemed shareholders will certainly be the key to our future goals. In this regard, we value the benefit of the views and guidance of the major shareholder and consider it to be an appropriate framework for improving our decision-making and planning processes.

It is hoped that in the future, the company will be able to maximize the optimal profit by utilizing the company’s potential and by properly analyzing the opportunities ahead and by carefully planning to advance its investments, enhance the company’s growth and excellence. Let’s look.

Managing Director