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Company Introduction and History

25 Aug 2019

Company History and Introduction:

Civil Sobhan Investment Company was founded on 22/12/1383 as a public joint stock company and registered under No. 242981 dated 25/12/1383 in the Tehran Industrial Companies and Registration Office. According to the extraordinary General Assembly resolution dated 13/09/97 the name of the company was changed to “Ava Novin Investment” and the financial year of the company changed from September 31 to March 29 each year.

The Company’s legal address is No. 165, No. 37, Khaled Islamabad St. (Former Minister), Tehran Ave.

The company is a subsidiary of the Kosar Economic Organization, which has been active in the field of equity trading since 05/02/1395.

Main Activity Topic:

1. Investing in shares, stocks, venture capital funds or other securities of corporations, institutions or investment funds for the purpose of earning profits by not alone or with its affiliates controlling the corporation, institution or venture capital fund; Or no significant infiltration;

2. Investing in other securities that normally do not have voting rights and do not give the securities owner the ability to choose a manager or publisher.

Subject Activities:

1. Investing in coins, metals

Valuable certificates of bank deposit and investment deposits with authorized banks and financial institutions;

2- Investment in shares, Al-Sharqah share, units of investment

Funds, institutions or funds with a view to earning profits so that they alone or with their affiliates control or find significant influence in the venture capital firm, institution or fund;

3. Investing in other assets including physical assets, manufacturing projects and construction projects with a view to earning profits;

4- Providing services related to the securities market including:

4-1- Admission to the Investment Funds;

4.2 Financing the securities market;

4-3- Participation in Securities Subscription Obligation;

4-4- Guaranteed liquidity, principal or minimum profit of the securities;