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25 Aug 2019

Ava Novin Investment Company Organization Chart
Duties of Investment and Risk Unit

Propose the optimal combination of different portfolio of investment portfolio based on portfolio risk assessment of investor;
Investor Risk Tolerance Assessment through Investor Risk Assessment Questionnaire Information;
Provide periodic analytical reports on the performance and status of investor investments managed by the portfolio;
Provide expert advice on the mechanisms of investing in securities accepted in stock exchanges;
Providing analytical reports on financial markets, companies and various industries;
Commenting on the past or future price or supply trends and the demand for securities admitted to the exchange or forex;

Analyzing supply, demand, prices and environmental factors affecting a particular industry or market;
Provide periodic reports of micro and macro developments in financial markets or specific industries;
Continuous review and study to understand the current status of the company as well as the latest approaches to risk identification, evaluation and control;
Identify all the risks of internal and external factors that have an adverse effect on the Company’s achievement and efficient management to manage those risks;
Calculate costs arising from uncontrolled and managed risks identified at different stages.

Duties of the Financial and Administrative Unit

Contribute to the planning and presentation of credit policy proposals and the receipt of requests and supervision for their implementation;
Financing and managing cash and other monetary assets and providing additional cash when necessary;
Maintaining financial records, controlling financial activities, identifying deviations from efficient and planned performance, as well as managing payroll, inventory tax, fixed assets and computer operations;
Long-term forecasting and planning of investment funds based on technological changes of the capital market and return on investment projects as well as the use of historical and unforeseen figures for planning future operations and their effects on profitability policies and forecasting cost items and Cost;
Planning and organizing to perform various tasks of corporate finance;
Preparation and adjustment of policies, guidelines, financial methods and procedures, and preparation of required forms to coordinate the financial affairs of the various units;
Receiving financial reports from units, projects and other management, reviewing and commenting on them, and analyzing conflicts;
Supervision and control to ensure proper implementation of laws, regulations, guidelines and financial directives in various units;
Supervision and control to safeguard and maintain the assets and assets of the company;
Forecasting, planning and presenting the Company’s periodic budget based on the announced plans and orders and the needs of the different units of strategy and strategy announced by the Board of Directors, taking into account the downstream trend of resources and potential future changes;

Management and supervision of administrative staff;
Ensure compliance with occupational safety and health standards;
Personnel matters such as employment, internal affairs (promotion, transfer, remuneration, punishment, dismissal, etc.), performance appraisal, insurance, loans, etc.

Duties of the Economic Planning Unit

Planning and implementing a market development strategy for new customers and communicating with the executives of service providers in the business value chain of the company;
Supervising and leading company market development projects;
Market analysis to identify new growth space. Analyze the attractions, needs, and opportunities of the market to create new value for customers and provide effective solutions in this regard;
Expanding new business opportunities, commercializing them, and increasing profits from new business growth;
Transforming the value that a company’s product and service experience brings to the customer, applied information for the company’s advertising team to determine new product and service strategies

Bahram Feizipour

Chairman of the Board

Alireza Ghodrati

CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board

Iraj the Righteous

Board of Directors

Hamid Mahdavi Rad

Board of Directors

Mehdi Shahbazi

Board of Directors