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What is my purpose in investing?

25 Aug 2019

All of us do not aim for the same economic investment. Some may seek to maintain the value of their money by investing. An employee or manager who has recently received his / her company from the company may not currently have the option to spend that money or make a long-term investment. But he knows that if he abandons the money the same way, its value will diminish, so he is looking for an investment option.

Others may seek significant profits. You may have seen someone selling his home or car hoping to multiply it within a year or two. Speculators we talked about before are examples of this group.

Another person may seek other investment opportunities to reduce risk. You may be an employee of a large and successful company with a good income or a factory owner who makes a significant profit. But there is always the worry that what if there is something wrong with the company or if the business stagnates? For this reason, the owner of a factory may convert part of his income into real estate or the employee of a company may enter the stock exchange with a portion of his salary and buy shares of various companies. The same old story that everyone would prefer not to have all their eggs in one basket.

One who wants to maintain the value of their money prefers safe, low-profit investments. Someone who wants to go up three-by-one is probably looking for speculative opportunities, and one who is looking to reduce risk makes sense for investments that are most independent of their current business (just imagine Get someone to work in the auto industry and buy a few car companies’ stocks to distribute their eggs in different baskets! If his company gets stagnant, his portfolio will probably fall sooner or later) .

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